Improving broadband speeds in rural areas

It often comes as a shock to new and existing homeowners just how poor the available broadband speeds are at their properties in this current day and age. More so, this shock turns into continued disappointment as what little internet they do have results in buffering Netflix streams, painfully slow file uploads, and some very agitated kids!

This issue is present where the main Internet Service Providers such as BT and Virgin simply don’t have the cabling infrastructure in place down certain roads or areas due to low demand or cost of installation.

Upon ringing broadband providers and being told that speeds are the best they can be, people often feel stuck and accept it. Fortunately, there are various other solutions available outside the realms of the main service providers, which offer faster speeds to enable fully-functional connectivity.


4G & 5G Cellular

By using a SIM card and antennas connected to a router, your home broadband can function through cellular networks, the same as used on your mobile devices.


Fixed Wireless

In many rural areas there is a facility for fixed wireless broadband connectivity to a local mast using an antenna connected to a router. The same wireless technology is used to link buildings, CCTV cameras, and other devices where cabling is an issue.



The major benefit of satellite broadband is its ability to work anywhere, no matter the location of the property. Due to the higher operating costs satellite broadband is often only used as a last resort.


Bonded + Fixed Lines

Although broadband providers don’t offer faster speeds on domestic packages, it is possible to purchase a dedicated line or bond various lines together to increase speeds. There are increased cost implications in doing so compared to standard broadband however the speeds given are guaranteed and substantially higher.


Lighthouse can provide all the above solutions to ensure homes and families always have reliable internet connectivity. We offer free consultation and surveys, ensuring that we choose the right package for each home.


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