The Heart of the Home – The Kitchen


We’re lucky that every home we work in is different. Whether it’s the architecture, colours or interior styling, homes are made up of different rooms occupied by different people. But for all the differences, there is one constant – the kitchen is the heart of the home.

A kitchen surface is the most multi-purpose space in the home. From a cafe and bakery to a desk, a cocktail bar and even a party buffet. With every new purpose, a kitchen is a place of welcoming smells, sounds and smiles.

 So what can you do to make your kitchen a place of comfort and convenience? Below we have listed our favourite home technologies that help you achieve just that:


Lighting control

The most effective way to transform any space is through controlled lighting. And with your hands often full with utensils, plates and children, turning lights on and off can be a testing task. Voice control and worktop mounted buttons make the transformation from bright task lighting to a relaxing dinner environment seamless. 

Kitchens generally contain many glass windows which are perfect for admiring the sunshine in the daytime but come night you may want blinds to provide privacy and comfort. Natural light can be altered automatically at sunrise and sunset or easily controlled at the touch of a button.


Splashback TV

Baking along to Bake Off or following sports scores can become an easy task with TVs mounted behind splashbacks or traditionally mounted on the wall. There are many options for concealing technology if you wish to keep it discrete or out of harm’s way.


Hidden speakers

Music lifts the mood in any environment but speakers can be obtrusive to the style of the room. We always seek to integrate technology into the fabric of a building which is easily achieved with invisible plastered-in or artwork disguised speakers. Control is simple from a simple button on the lighting keypad, or simply saying “turn music on”. Food preparation and washing up will no longer be a tedious task with music to keep you entertained!


Comfortable environment 

The hustle and bustle of the kitchen can become a myriad of smells and heat, which can be distracting and unpleasant when cooking. Equally, the kitchen can also be chilly in the morning with lots of cold surfaces such as stone, marble and wood that take time to warm up. A well-designed heating, ventilation and cooling system automatically maintains comfort levels and keeps the room feeling fresh. 

To reduce your running costs and carbon emissions, scheduled timers and ‘away’ modes linked to occupancy sensors only use energy when required.

If you would like to discuss how Lighthouse can enhance your kitchen environment, please get in contact

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Brilliant from start to finish

Lighthouse was brilliant from start to finish. They are very responsive, offer great advice and guidance, and on the day of the installation of our new Sonos system were very friendly. They know their stuff, are very professional, and I cannot speak highly enough of Jon and his team.

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